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Managing Covid-19 On Social Media

There is currently a lot of noise on social media about the situation surrounding COVID-19. As a brand, it is important to make the right kind of noise during this time and to avoid posting anything that may seem insensitive or scaremongering.

We are not advising that brands refrain from posting altogether, but brands should consider scaling back the volume of posts and ensuring any posts that go live are a source of positivity.


This is a global issue that is effecting everyone on the planet. It is not something to be ignored. Therefore, we recommend acknowledging the issue on your social media channels.


If you schedule your social media in advance, its important to review all scheduled posts and remove or edit anything that may be regarded as insensitive. It may be that you have to scale back on amount of posts that are pushing sales at a time when the country is in financial hardship. It may be something very subtle such as a certain phrase e.g. ‘Pastel colours are set to become an infectious trend this spring’. Ask a colleague for a second opinion if you’re not sure. Go with your gut.


Once your scheduled posts are safe, find a way to reassure your community and followers that you following all the necessary steps during this time. Explain that you are doing everything you can to continue operating and serving customers, whilst also keeping your valued employees safe. You could explain the measures you’ve taken. You might want to explain how your business and service may be impacted by COVID-19 and what customers should expect in the coming weeks / months. Manage expectations as best you can.

E.g. We are still open for business. We doing everything we can to ensure your orders still arrive quickly during this time. However, please be aware packages could take up to 2 additional days to arrive.

Many businesses are sending statements of reassurance about COVID-19 by email. You could consider live streaming a similar statement on Instagram Live, Facebook Live or creating an Instagram story. This would ensure your statement reached a wider audience and could build trust


Show you care about your community and your customers. During this time, they don’t want to be inundated with sales posts. They may feel anxious or stressed about finances. Refrain from any kind of blatant marketing that takes advantage of COVID-19 or anything related to the pandemic. Instead, find ways to spread positivity and increase engagement.

A few content ideas include:

• Create a ‘This or That’ story on Instagram stories. Using the Poll widget, create a story where users can vote on this or that. Make the options relevant to your brand.

• Create posts that encourage good mental health. Start conversations that encourage positivity and looking to better times. Ask questions. e.g. What are you grateful for today? Tell us something that you are looking forward to?

• Create posts that create a sense of community. e.g. Have you checked on your elderly neighbours this week? Why not deliver a handwritten note to offer your help in case they’re self isolating OR tell us one good deed you plan to do today?

• Tell your brand story. Instead of pushing sales, you could use this time to be reflective and share something about the history of your brand e.g. Did you know that X was founded by.....? Here’s a photo of them back in the day.

• Share some ‘behind-the-scenes’ element of your business. During this uncertain time, let your customers in more than ever. A new design? A sneak peak at some new packaging or brand? The teams ‘work-from-home’ set up? WFH office dogs?

• Share or re-post any timely content that might inspire or uplift your audience in these difficult times.


As you know, the government advice and laws surrounding COVID-19 are changing every day. If new laws emerge that will impact your products or your customer service, continue to inform and update your customers by social media.

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